I am an individual who wants to help.

I am a young person who wants to help.

My company’s team wants to get involved.

My community organization needs volunteer support.

Figuring out how to help can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.

Activate Good invites people of all ages in our community to join us on a journey of learning, action, and community-building to become agents of positive change in the Triangle.

Our Mission

Activate Good improves our community through people-powered projects for good.

Our Vision

Activate Good envisions a world in which all people realize and act on their power to improve their communities.

Help us Activate a Better Tomorrow

Activate Good mobilizes thousands of people across the Triangle each year to tackle critical needs like food insecurity, homelessness, access to education, helping animals and the environment, and more through volunteer service.

Donate now to help us mobilize over 15,000 volunteers of all ages to meet critical needs in 2024.

Don’t know where to begin? Start with a “Learn and Serve”!

Each Learn and Serve project includes discussion, volunteer service, and reflection to deepen participants’ understanding of local issues.


Help create a better world for all.
View and sign up for volunteer needs around the Triangle shared by hundreds of local causes. Search by issue area, date, and more!

Featured Initiatives

Check out a few of our special impact campaigns and Days of Service coming up:

Doing Good Across the Greater Triangle







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