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Learn With Activate Good

We at Activate Good are always seeking knowledge to better understand the needs of our community, what causes them, and how they may interact with other needs. We’re working to build a collaborative knowledge base to share information about causes and challenges that Triangle community members can take action on!

How it Works

Identify an Issue

Activate Good and our Community Partners champion everything from feral cat overpopulation to jazz music – and far beyond. We have SO many ideas of topics to cover, including:

  • The Importance of Protecting Pollinators
  • Hurricane Preparedness and Relief
  • The Case for DEI Initiatives
  • Affordable Housing
  • Senior Activism and Access

Choose a cause you’re already knowledgeable about, or take a dive into something new to expand your horizons! Check out all our cause categories below.

Collect Trustworthy Information

Seek out information from reputable sources that provide evidence-based data. This includes academic journals, scientific studies, nonprofit and government agencies, and experts in the field!

Write an Article

We’ve got a template to help guide you through the process and to ensure articles are consistent and easy to review for posting.

  • Download the Article Template here. 
  • View an example article here


We’re hoping anybody and everybody will be a part of developing community learning resources! Interested in submitting content to be reviewed? Make sure content submitted meets the following criteria:

  1. Fact-based content about an issue or cause in the Triangle that can be impacted by volunteer action
  2. Content is not already covered, or adds significant new information to existing topics
  3. Derived from objective studies or data published by nonprofit organizations, colleges and universities, government agencies, or other reputable sources
  4. References and links to original sources are included with every submission
  5. Submission is free from political, religious or other bias
  6. Submission does not contain an advertisement, promotion, or attack on individuals or organizations
  7. Content is consistent with Activate Good’s mission and Code of Ethics

Submit Your Work

Let's Chat!

Do you need help walking through your Triangle Cause Wiki idea? Or have questions about how to submit an article?

Please email wiki@activategood.org with any comments or questions about the Triangle Cause Wiki!

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