Board Expectations

Role of Nonprofit Boards

A nonprofit organization’s Board of Directors is collectively responsible, in partnership with organization staff, for ensuring effective and fiscally sound operations and programs to support the organization’s mission, including fundraising and good governance.

Learn more about the role of nonprofit boards in this video!

Active Participation

Each Director is expected to provide leadership and fulfill their obligations of service through active participation in Board affairs including Board and Committee meetings, fundraising activities, acting as an ambassador of Activate Good in the community, and more.

Inclusion Statement

The Activate Good Board of Directors strongly encourages people from all backgrounds to apply for this opportunity. No matter the background, the Activate Good Board of Directors is looking for members who embrace, advocate for and value diversity, equity and inclusion. Read more about our mission, vision, and values.

General Expectations

  • Understand the legal, governance, and fiscal responsibilities of serving on a nonprofit’s Board of Directors. Refer to these resources for further information.
  • Each Board Member is asked to make a personal financial contribution to Activate Good each year in an amount that is meaningful to them, whether that involves joining our monthly giving program, or donating at a time throughout the year convenient to you.
  • All board members must actively participate in fundraising campaigns.
  • Participate in orientation and trainings, including but not limited to opportunities to receive training as an Activate Good Learn and Serve project leader to gain an understanding of our work on the ground.
  • Carry out the general responsibilities of a member of a governing Board of Directors. Activate Good is in the process of finalizing our Board’s evolution from a “working board” to a “governing board”.  Read about the differences in these Board styles here.
  • Participate alongside staff in discussing budget needs for the next fiscal year during scheduled discussion sessions.
  • Act as an ambassador for Activate Good with your existing personal networks and help Activate Good expand our networks to new people. This might include opportunities to present about Activate Good to groups, network, and make introductions to Activate Good staff to potential supporters.
  • Serve on a Board committee (or more than one) and participate actively in meeting that committee’s objectives.
  • Act as a support and ally to Activate Good staff.

Time Commitment and Schedule

Time Commitment

Length of Board Term: Board Terms last three (3) years. Board members may be re-elected at the end of their term.

Time Commitment: Board members may complete about 15 volunteer board hours per month, which consist of:

  • Attending a monthly board meeting
  • Chairing, co-chairing, or participating on a board committee
  • Participating in Activate Good fundraising campaigns, networking and outreach, or volunteer events
  • Participating in trainings including but not limited to board governance and bylaws review, fundraising strategies, and diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Working to complete tasks and achieve goals in a self-directed manner on your schedule.
Board Committees:
  • Meet at least once per month
  • You will be placed on one of the following committees: Fund Development, Governance, or DEI
Communication Expectations:
  • Communication of absences from email and duties lasting more than a week require notification to Board Chair.
  • You’ll receive a designated Activate Good email address. Board members must check email regularly and stay up to date on duties.

Important Dates

Board Meetings

Meetings are currently held on the last Monday of each month from 6:30 – 8:30 PM, typically at Activate Good’s offices* (Loading Dock Raleigh, 1053 E. Whitaker Mill Road, Suite 115, Raleigh NC 27604). This schedule may be altered in the event of a conflict with a holiday or special event.

*Meetings are periodically moved to be virtual on an as needed basis.

  • September 8, 2023: Board Application deadline
  • October 23, 2023 (6:30pm, TBC): Select board candidates may be invited to a Meet & Greet event with current Board members and Staff as part of a vetting process. (tentatively save the date)
  • By the end of October 2023: Board members selected, screened, and notified.
  • Saturday, December 2 (4:30-5pm, TBC): Annual Activate Good Board & Staff Retreat, including brief welcome meeting for new Board members
  • December 2023: Board Training and Onboarding (Est. 12-20 hours)
  • January 1, 2024: Board term begins for selected candidates
  • 2024 Board meeting dates to be confirmed

Other Key Events

  • Committee meetings (scheduled per committee and approximately 1-2 meetings per month)
  • Fundraising Campaigns and Events (dates to be confirmed)
  • Dignity Week and MLK Day (January 12-20, 2024)
  • 9/11 Day of Service and Remembrance: Board member participation in at least 1 event expected (September 11, 2024)
  • Family Volunteer Day (November 23, 2024)
  • Global Volunteer Month (April 2024)
  • Annual Activate Good Board & Staff Retreat (Usually the first Saturday of December)