Teen Volunteer Opportunities in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill NC – Teens Change the World Program

Youth Volunteer Corps of the Greater Triangle

Formerly the Teens Change the World! Service Club

We believe people of ALL ages and backgrounds can change our community.

The Youth Volunteer Corps of the Greater Triangle hosted by Activate Good invites youth ages 11-18 from around the Triangle to volunteer for a variety of causes. Learn how to participate below!

Scroll down for the step-by-step instructions to join Youth Volunteer Corps of the Greater Triangle:

Join Youth Volunteer Corps of the Greater Triangle, hosted by Activate Good


GET STARTED: Parent / Guardian and Youth, Complete our Registration and Waiver together, here!


PROJECTS: Receive a list of upcoming YVC service projects and initiatives from Activate Good every few weeks. Sign up for the ones you’re interested in! There is no minimum (or maximum) number of projects you can do – do what you can, on your schedule!


SURVEYS: Help us learn how we’re doing! Throughout the year, we’ll ask you to complete a quick survey to let us know how things are going and give us ideas on how we can make the program even better.


The Youth Volunteer Corps (YVC)  is a network of affiliated organizations across the U.S. and Canada that originally started in 1987 in Kansas City, Missouri. The YVC engages youth in team-based service projects that are challenging, rewarding and educational. Projects conducted through YVC allows youth between the ages of 11 and 18 to make meaningful contributions towards their communities while developing practical life skills.

You must be between the ages of 11 to 18. However, depending on the project, there might be age restrictions. We will make sure to notify you ahead of time.

Activate Good hosting the YVC, allows our youth volunteers to be a part of a wider network of volunteers who all want to make a difference in their respective communities. Our YVC provides additional resources to ensure that each experience a volunteer can learn various skills and meaningful information through a Learn and Serve model.

Changemakers Code of Conduct

  • Be Respectful! Teens should show respect to Youth Leaders, Organization Staff and Clients, and of course each other. Work on building each other up!
  • Be Accountable! Accountability to others is a paramount quality, like with trust, reliability and responsibility. Being mindful, present, and aware of our words and actions allows for accountability and open conversations.
  • Be Responsible! Be responsible for something within your power, control, or management. Choose words and actions with intention. Accept responsibility for your actions and be accountable for your results. Take ownership of your mistakes.
  • Be Open! Open to differences, open to other thoughts, open to other opinions. Disagree with respect and utilize active listening.

Youth volunteer agrees:

  • To be on time and work all scheduled project hours OR notify YVC in advance if you cannot.
  • To maintain a positive attitude and show respect to everyone at the project.
  • To attend any required orientation and training and to participate in all project activities, including games.
  • To abstain from profanity, drugs, tobacco, alcohol, sexual activity or violence of any form on projects.
  • To keep all personal electronic devices off and out of sight during YVC activities if requested by the project leader.

Risk Disclosure: I understand that adult supervisors will accompany my child on all projects and activities. I also understand that the supervisors may be volunteers and that the project or activity will involve the normal level of risk associated with such a project or activity. I agree that this form shall waive any rights, claims of responsibility or liability, or cause of action resulting from illness or personal injury to my child in the YVC program and agree to indemnify the partner agency and its employees or representatives from any such claims.

Medical Care Authorization: At any time due to such circumstances as accident or sudden illness I hereby give permission for emergency medical treatment to be obtained for my child. I understand that a YVC representative or the partner agency will call me prior to leaving or upon arrival at the emergency destination, and that I will be responsible for all related expenses incurred (i.e. ambulance or taxi costs, etc.).

Media Release: Your signature on this release grants permission to use your child’s name, photograph, video, audio recording, and/or quote by Youth Volunteer Corps or any of its related agencies for marketing and other official purposes.

Transportation Release: I authorize YVC and/or partner agency staff to transport my child in their vehicles if needed.

Parent/Legal Guardian Responsibility: I will inform YVC of any special need or condition my child has. I understand withholding this information is unfair to my child and to the YVC leader entrusted with my child’s safety. I will be punctual when dropping off/picking up my child from projects, both for their safety and as a courtesy to YVC and its partner agencies. I understand that violating these policies may lead to my child’s exclusion from YVC programs.

I, the undersigned, authorize the above listed child or ward to volunteer their volunteer service to various community service organizations and projects through Activate Good, Inc. As a participant in volunteer opportunities arranged by Activate Good, and in consideration of Activate Good’s efforts to locate, arrange, coordinate and/or make available volunteer opportunities, I hereby agree and release Activate Good and all affiliated entities as follows:

  1. I understand that my child/ward is a volunteer and not an employee of Activate Good. I acknowledge and agree that the nature of the volunteer services typically performed by Activate Good volunteers, and which may be performed by my child/ward as an Activate Good volunteer may involve potential risk of injury. I willingly and freely assume any and all risk in connection with my child/ward’s efforts or participation, including without limitation, risk of any accident or injury to person or property which they may sustain in connection with their participation as a volunteer or in any related project or activity.
  2. I hereby acknowledge that Activate Good is involved in assisting children, seniors and other vulnerable populations. I understand that for the protection of these populations, Activate Good requires disclosure of criminal background by all volunteers. I hereby confirm, represent, and warrant that my child/ward has never been convicted of or charged with any felony or violent crime, nor have they ever been ordered by a court to receive psychiatric or psychological treatment in connection therewith.
  3. I hereby release Activate Good, its community service partners, directors, officers, agents, employees, successors, designees, licensees, sponsors, donors, representatives, guests, affiliates, and volunteers (the “Activate Good Parties”) from and covenant not to sue for, any and all claims and causes or action, whether known or unknown, arising out of, based upon or relating to my child/ward’s participation as a volunteer of Activate Good or in any related activity or project, including, without limitation, any negligence of Activate Good Parties. Furthermore, to the extent that my child/ward utilizes a vehicle (if applicable) for transportation or other purposes in connection with a volunteer project or activity, I hereby represent and warrant that they have a current automobile liability insurance policy in force that includes bodily injury and property damage.
  4. I understand that, except as otherwise agreed by Activate Good in writing; Activate Good does not carry or maintain motor vehicle, health, medical or workers’ compensation or disability coverage for any volunteer. I also understand that Activate Good does not represent or warrant that any agencies, schools, businesses, companies or other nonprofits with which it refers volunteers carry or maintain motor vehicle, health, medical, workers’ compensation or disability insurance coverage for any volunteer.
  5. I further grant to Activate Good, its designees and successors, my consent to use my child/ward’s name, photograph, likeness, image, voice and biography in any publications, advertising and publicity, in connection with their participation with Activate Good.
  6. I acknowledge that when I attend a volunteer project with my child/ward, I am responsible to provide adequate supervision for my child/ward throughout the duration of the project.
  7. I understand that on occasion, transportation to and/or from a project on a bus or other mode may be offered by Activate Good, with notice given in advance. I hereby grant permission for my child/ward to take part in this transportation.
  8. I hereby authorize Activate Good and any of its directors, officers, employees, partners, agents, or successors at its discretion without obtaining any further consent to arrange such medical services and treatment including but not limited to, surgery, injections, and the administration of an anesthetic as may be deemed necessary by qualified medical professionals for my child or ward. I understand that all health, accident, disability, and hospitalization costs are the minor child and/or my responsibility.
  9. I will notify the Project Leader at any volunteer site directly if my child/ward has health and physical or psychological condition(s), allergy(ies) (whether to medication, food, or otherwise), medications or other pertinent medical information to which the Project Leader should be aware.
  10. To the extent that the child or ward is taking any medication(s) at any time while volunteering with Activate Good, I acknowledge that they are solely responsible for the timely and appropriate administration of medication(s).
  11. I acknowledge that the above information is true, correct and complete as of the date this Release is being signed, and agree to provide updated information to Activate Good, if reasonably necessary between the date hereof and the conclusion of the child or ward’s participation in volunteer activities through Activate Good.
  12. I hereby agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Activate Good and the Activate Good Parties from and against any and all claims, demands, expenses or causes of action arising out of, based upon or relating to my child/ward’s participation as a volunteer of Activate Good or in any related activity or project, and any medical treatment provided to my minor or ward pursuant to their participation as a volunteer of Activate Good or in any related activity or project.
  13. This release is for the benefit of Activate Good and its successors, licensees, agents, employees, affiliates and assigns. The laws of the State of North Carolina shall govern this release. This release will remain valid for future volunteer activities unless revoked in writing. I hereby warrant that I am authorized to sign this release on behalf of this child/ward.

To ensure the health and safety of camp attendees and staff, Activate Good’s Youth Program requires that all attendees and staff members be up-to-date on age appropriate vaccinations according to North Carolina state law. North Carolina law requires that every child in the state be immunized against diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough (pertussis), poliomyelitis, red measles (rubeola), rubella, and hepatitis B. This policy will be enforced in accordance with all applicable local, state, and federal laws. Should an attendee or staff member exhibit signs or symptoms of illness, Activate Good retains the right to dismiss any attendee or staff member from all or part of the remaining session without refund if attending a paid program. In such an event, precautions will be taken discreetly and respectfully while the parent/guardian is contacted.

Questions? Contact Volunteer@ActivateGood.org

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