Corporate Social Responsibility and Employee Volunteer Engagement

More than 500 nonprofit partners, knowledge of local needs, years of experience, and dedicated time to support your employee volunteer efforts.

Corporate Social Responsibility and

Employee Volunteer Engagement

We partner with businesses to get good done.

Activate Good makes it easy to engage your employees in high-impact service in the Triangle.

Activate Good wants volunteers to help organizations tackling the biggest needs in our local community (read more about our mission and other programs here!). We envision a community where all people – and businesses! – realize and exercise their potential to make a difference. You can help us make this vision a reality by getting your company involved in making a big impact for local causes.

NEW! Learn more about Triangle Businesses for Good, Activate Good’s membership group for businesses interested in CSR, employee volunteerism, and more.

A Day of Service Story

A Portable Project Story

We'll plan your employee volunteer initiatives so you can focus on your business.

For businesses in the Triangle, Activate Good provides custom services for volunteer teams, sponsorship opportunities, and networking with other CSR professionals! Our custom services can be scaled and suitable for companies and teams of all sizes. Questions? Contact us at

Use our NEW Project Request form to guide yourself through some options and connect with Activate Good for support!


Planning Company Days, Weeks, or Months of Service

Planning large-scale team-building volunteer projects

Bringing Portable Projects to Your Office

Partnering to Plan Your Annual Volunteer Calendar

Volunteers at the Zakat Foundation of America  prepare boxes of food for delivery to refugee families in Durham, NC on May 28, 2020. (Bisi Cameron Yee photo)

Sponsorship Opportunities to support community needs

Virtual or In-Person Volunteer Opportunities


How to partner with Activate Good to manage or support your Employee Volunteer initiatives

Planning corporate volunteer activities takes time and access to resources, especially when you want a memorable experience for your team. To smoothly plan a successful volunteer project or event, you need expertise, time, and awareness of a variety of details. That’s why Activate Good provides custom services for companies! With our experience working with 600+ local nonprofits, schools, and other community organizations, we can save your team hours of staff time necessary for research, planning, and execution your vision.

AND…we’re not just saving your company time and resources; we’re also saving time and resources for the causes you want to impact. Many nonprofits don’t have the capacity to be able to effectively host larger or consistent volunteer events on their own. A common misconception is that volunteering does not cost anyone anything. In fact, providing space, supplies, and adequate staffing to manage volunteers – especially special, customized, or large projects – can carry significant costs to the nonprofit. When Activate Good plans volunteer projects, the nonprofit receives the benefit without the costs!

Our services include:

  1. Custom Service Projects  
    Activate Good acts as your volunteer event planner, providing full, turnkey planning, management and leadership for awesome volunteer activities! Examples include: A day of service during which you send your teams to custom projects at multiple locations; A large custom project at a single off-site nonprofit or school location; A “portable project” brought on-site to your office or event venue.
    Click here to learn more about the process, project and support options, service add-ons, and more!
  2. Custom Service Calendars
    Activate Good works with you to organize a calendar of regular volunteer project outings per year at the frequency and volunteer group size(s) of your choice. We can also work on retainer to organize projects by request! Click here to learn more about the process, but the most important step for you is to show up to your project(s)!
  3. “Learn & Serve” Projects
    Give your team a more meaningful volunteer experience by incorporating education about the root causes of issues affecting our community and reflection about how to make a deeper impact!


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Step 2: Once you’ve submitted the RFP, please watch for direct correspondence from our team

Because Activate Good is a 501c3 nonprofit, your partnership and support helps us serve our community partners at no cost to them – recruiting volunteers to support their operations, tackle major projects, and increase the capacity of their staff.

Please review our Corporate FAQs for general definitions, timelines, policies, and more!

Looking for more networking or other sponsorship opportunities? Click here to learn about Triangle Businesses for Good, and other ways to get involved!

Consider Joining Activate Good’s Triangle Businesses for Good!

(Quarterly Membership) Become a collaborative partner and leader in the effort to boost volunteer engagement in the Triangle, network with other community-minded businesses of all sizes, and help your employees get involved in volunteer service with hundreds of local causes. Learn more about joining Triangle Businesses for Good.

Sponsor a Special Event or Initiative

Be a part of making volunteerism a bigger part of life in the community by sponsoring one of Activate Good’s special events, Community-wide Days of Service, or initiatives! Check out some of the available sponsorship opportunities.

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Companies can use our site to find great volunteer opportunities for their employees and teams! Check out the links below for more information:


Improve the Community AND Boost Your Business

Business Makes An Impact

The most important part of any corporate volunteer project is the impact on community causes that focus on real needs that affect real people, animals, and places – the true beneficiaries of your team’s support. Causes couldn’t continue their mission without volunteers to support and increase their capacity to do good – and corporate teams can really help by providing a concentrated group effort to accomplish something BIG for a cause, or even many daily tasks at once. Either option has the very meaningful impact of freeing up valuable staff time and resources, allowing a cause to focus on other new and/or necessary tasks to further their mission.

But there are other natural connections that support you, like:

  • creating a positive teambuilding experience for participants;
  • boosting your company profile, employee morale, and retention;
  • and amplifying your impact on your Triple Bottom Line – profit, people, and the planet – and Corporate Social Responsibility.

The Case for Employee Volunteerism

You can check out the research here. Then ask yourself: “Could volunteering (one project, multiple, or consistently throughout the years)…

  • boost my goals for our conference or meeting agenda?”
  • support goals for our Corporate Social Responsibility and/or Human Resources?”
  • help us establish a formal Employee Volunteer Program – or enhance an established program – if projects are offered regularly?”
  • provide a great alternative to more traditional activities, like happy hours and office parties, for team bonding? How about when paired with such traditional activities, doubling the feel-good vibes?”
  • provide an opportunity to engage and get to know our teammates’ even more by offering a family-friendly service project or event? How about established or prospective clients?

If you answered “Yes” to any purpose or benefit listed above, then a corporate volunteer service project, event, or volunteer teambuilding activity sounds like a great fit for you – and we can help make it easy!

Growing Impacts Together

As of December 2019, Activate Good has partnered with more than 100 unique companies to connect, schedule, and/or manage hundreds of corporate volunteer projects and events, resulting in some major impact for the Triangle. Volunteers from these connections alone have contributed time and talents worth more than $508,326.63 in support for local nonprofits and public schools, creating a better world for more than a minimum estimate of 40,000 individuals, animals, and spaces since January 2016.

Multi-Region or National Engagement

Looking for something outside of the Raleigh-Durham/Triangle area of North Carolina?

While Activate Good only provides services in our local region, we are a member of a global network of other volunteer hubs! Points of Light’s Global Network can connect you to other nonprofit organizations similar to Activate Good in other cities, like Atlanta, Orlando, and more. Click here to visit the Points of Light website and checkout their global network of affiliates.

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